Upper Cervical Evolution 2010

WOW, did we have a great time at the Upper Cervical Evolution in Charlotte this past
The cohesiveness of the UC docs is amazing and let me get you the

(1) The highlight of the program was Prof. Giuseppe Marceca, M.D. (a top cardiologist
in Italy)
as he acknowledged a groundbreaking undertaking of UC research upon
which they
have embarked. He introduced Sandro Mandolesi,
 who took us through the very technical research on
of the brain stem region and measurable changes in outflow in patient
supine and
upright positions. He discussed the different types of Multiple
Sclerosis as it
relates to disturbed microvacular circulation. The conclusion based
upon four
female MS patients is that it is highly likely that UC subluxations play
a role
in the etiology of MS and correction may have corrective or preventative

potentials….and this isn’t based upon
opinions, it is legitimate
research utilizing the most advance vascular scanning devices currently
available in the medical field! They would like to get 500 to 1,000 MS
patients involved in the study.

(2) Dr.Marceca mentioned that presently Drs. Steve Conicello (Rome), Kevin
(San Marino), and Jake Hollowell

(Sicily) are a great start, but he mentioned 7 other cities (including
the city
many think is the most beautiful in the world…Florence) in which he
would like
to start UCHC clinics in conjunction with his partner, Dr.
Ray Drury.
It was great seeing all three of
Italia UC docs at the Evolution and know we are really represented by
top notch
dedicated doctors…who also are dedicated at breaking down walls and
getting a
legitimate relationship with these medical

(3) Dr. Patrick
had an excellent talk on the need for accurate equipment
detect subluxations and confirm that they have been corrected. If
method of health care is to be respected, it MUST be accurate and it
be reproducible.
Michael Gerber
(E-myth author) discussed the concept of marketing
reproducible product in an exacting fashion. This well known author
many corporate examples of running a system in a predictable and
(5) Dr. Paul

covered the methods of educating patients to UC using the electronic
patient communication,…BTW check out Dr. Hambrick’s www.UpperCervicalDocs.com and you will find an episode by Dr. Drew Hall on a very interesting dysphasia
Dr. Robert Brooks
gave an amazing and humorous talk on NUCCA  and
has a superb website in which the patient can type in their x-ray
listing and
the animated spine moves into that subluxated position.
(7) Dr. Brook’s longtime
colleague/friend Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt (see
pic 018)
discussed UC as it relates to kids. She showed the tie in between
erector spinae
muscle rigidity and upper cervical subluxations and explained how
to perform a leg check on a typical six month old…bow legged,
kicking, and screaming. It ain’t easy, but for
Dr. Hunt it
seems effortless. 
(8) Upper Cervical Health Centers of
(UCHCA) Billy Doherty gave
great presentation on practice management and high tech marketing. Billy
presents his high energy talks from a very businesslike vantage
you think, why didn’t I think of that?
(9)  Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer discussed the need for us
to not only
expand the number of UC docs worldwide (send more students to chiro
that teach and support UC) and then finally picked up a guitar and put
message to lyrics titled Taking Upper Cervical Door to Door.(see
024 and you may be able to read the lyrics)
(10) Dr. Stan
. did an awesome job of explaining the intricacies of using an
orthogonal technique in a 9,200 sq. ft. office. Dr. Pierce and his
father (the
famous Dr. Stan Pierce, Sr.) train docs in
ultraprecise care and are both strong advocated of UC unity while
steadfast in their beliefs. 
(11) Dr. Bo

(co-author of the Orthospinology text with Dr.
) kept the audience enthralled with the precision of the
This researcher implored us to never be accepting of
(12) Dr. Bart Patzer discussed precision orthogonal chiropractic in a high
clinic.How he can be on the board of UCHCA, run two practices, find
buyers of clinics to replace retired UC doc, teaching technique,…I’ll
never know?
(13) Dr. Bryan Duff gave one of the best
on the history of instrumentation and pattern work.His father, Dr. Stephen Duff, Sr. was an admirer of BJ’s
Clinic and purchased a general hospital in the Napa Valley with the
intention of duplicating the B.J.’s clinic out west. (Bryan is seen in
pic 27 with Dr. Marceca) and he is a carbon copy of his
(14) Dr. James
started out low key and then kicked into overdrive
everyone laughing at his common sense approach to BJ type UC
(15)The audience heard me speak on the
life of
Dr. Blair and letters from his daughters
about Upper
Cervical tripling his life span…and how he would scold them if they
drank Coke
or Dr. Pepper prior to being scanned! I did wrap
up my
talk with a 10 minute tribute to our great friend, Dr. Kirk Eriksen!
(16) Greg Buchanan was in rare form as he
led us on
a journey from a life of misery to one of joy (he also showed some great

dance moves during a music video!)

(16) Dr. Drew Hall
(pic 023) was in his usual dynamic form, but this
time did a
tribute to his mentor
, Dr. Dan Kuhn.
(17) Dr. Kuhn gave a
wonderful talk at the Saturday luncheon
imploring us to use the right terminology (not therapy, treatment,
manipulation,chiropractic physician…but use adjustment, Upper Cervical


(18) Drs. Ray Drury and Thad Vaugnaiux (pic 001) updated us on the amazing progress of UC in
Italy but
reminded us of the need to produce a very identifiable and efficacious
that consumers can not only get excited about, but also need to know it
Jones Chiropractic office (which means nothing to them), it is an Upper
Clinic…which can be easily defined!!!
It wasn’t all
serious stuff, there was a lot of
laughter and fun. As we dined outdoors in the rain Friday night (pic
006) you
will see from left to right, Dr. Hollowell’s interpreter, Drs. Hollowell, Meg Banitch, Scott Glocke, Rob Ohlsen,
Schurger, Johnny Truong, John Hilpisch, me, Drew Hall, Jack
Truong, Jeanne
Schurger, and Liz Hilpisch.

The vendors were pretty amazing also,
just too
many to mention. The Upper Cervical Store (maker of the new Blair
headclamps) showed off their new elevating side posture table for those
of you
tired of bending over to make leg checks. James and Rhonda Tomasi were energizing the
whole group
with their “whole world needs Upper Cervical” attitude!”Titronics was
015) and the photo shows Roger Titone, Rick DiGregorio (who is working on a holographic
3-D x-ray
image), and Boris Karloff!!!

Take Care-


  1. Lora Gill says


    My UC doctor in Missoula, Montana, USA gave me a piece of paper with information on your Upper Cervical Evolution 2010, I found it extremely interesting.
    I was diagnosed 17 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis after 2 optic neuritis episodes. I had my first adjustment just this Thursday for a misaligned Atlas. That very first adjustment has given me a clearer head, less cognitive fog, so I’m hoping for more improvements from continued treatment.

    I was wondering if you had heard of Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency or CCSVI? It’s a new term by vascular surgeon Dr. Paulo Zamboni of the University of Ferrara, Italy. He attributes the cause of Multiple Sclerosis to CCSVI due to stenosis of Jugular venous drainage routes of the brain. http://www.fondazionehilarescere.org/eng/index.html

    A couple of statements on your web site jump out at me, “Sandro Mandolesi, MD took us through the very technical research on vascularity of the brain stem region and measurable changes in outflow in patients supine & upright positions. He discussed the different types of MS as it relates to disturbed micro vascular circulation”

    And also this statement on your web page that read “dedicated at breaking down walls and getting a legitimate relationship with these medical researchers!!!”

    So I thought you might find these 3 web sites of interest.

    There is a new group of various researchers that has formed called the, International Society for Neurovascular Disease. The International Society for NeuroVascular Disease is a non-profit professional association devoted to furthering the development of research for neurovascular related diseases – including CCSVI. The society will hold annual scientific meetings and sponsor educational and scientific workshops. Target medical groups include, but are not limited to, Vascular Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Physicists, and Technologists. http://www.isnvd.org/

    The International Union of Phlebology (IUP), the largest international organization devoted to the investigation and management of venous disorders, established an expert panel to formulate guidelines for physicians and health care professionals around the world on the evaluation and treatment of venous malformations (VMs).
    The aim of this document is to provide recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of VMs based on the best currently available scientific evidence. When scientific evidence was lacking or weak, a consensus of opinions among expert members of the panel was reached to support the recommendations. http://csvi-ms.net/en/content/consensus-document-international-union-phlebology-iup-2009

    Being affected by MS, I would like nothing more than to see ALL researchers in ALL fields breaking down walls and working and sharing together.

    Lora Gill


  1. […] Working with an upper-cervical chiropractor, these medical doctors conducted research on 300 MS patients. When they came to the U.S. to speak at a chiropractic convention, all 300 patients were symptom free, and the doctors feared that they would all drop out of the study and it would never get published. Luckily, the patients stuck to it! Their paper was published in the leading vascular medical journal in Europe last November. […]

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